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Here are articles and presentations by the KubasPrimedia team. These focus on increasing ad revenues, growing volume, and improving margins and profits. Just click on the title and send the resulting email to get yours.


• Ten Key Points About Newspaper Format Conversion  

Converting a broadsheet to a tabloid, Berliner or other compact format can save significant production costs. But the big issues behind newspaper format conversion are about ad revenue and the opportunity to rejuvenate the entire enterprise. Here are the top 10 things publishers should know.

• Retail Sales Outlook United States  

Our quarterly reviews and projections of retail sales and trends include charts, graphs and synopsis. Q3 2012 updates, with year end projections and a first look at 2013, are now available (dated 29 August 2012).

• Retail Sales Outlook Canada

Our quarterly reviews and projections of retail sales and trends include charts, graphs and synopsis. Q4 2012 updates, with year end projections and a first look at 2013, are now available (dated 18 December 2012).

• Newspaper Industry Preview 2012

What are newspapers' ad revenue expectations for the coming year, and what strategic initiatives are on the drawing boards as a result? Our 6th annual Preview study is based on a survey of 436 newspaper industry executives and managers. Digital is expected to be big in 2012, but not much else.

• Earn More With Modular

Here's what you really need to know about modular advertising for newspapers, including strategy, misconceptions, a real example, benefits and advantages, incentive pricing, and what's beyond. This updates our 2006 article, "The Case for Modular". Hint: it really is about the money.

• Lessons from Chicago Tribune’s Ill-Fated Tabloid Edition

The Chicago Tribune has shut down its tabloid edition. What went wrong? But more importantly, what can newspaper publishers learn from it?

• Tips from Tide™ for Newspapers

This is about what newspapers can learn from one of the world's top marketers and how they applied 3 key strategies: benefitize, concentrate, and differentiate. And there are clear parallels for newspapers that you can act on now. Yes, it's time to do the laundry.

• Selling Digital

Originally presented at New England Newspaper & Press Association's 2011 Convention, Selling Digital is on how newspapers can sell digital advertising, and covers sales organization, dealing with ad networks, improving local ad effectiveness, plus sales prospecting and promotion. The key message: organize first to monetize second.

• Top Ten for Tough Times in Newspaper Ad Sales

Newspaper advertising revenues have suffered greatly in recent years. What should newspapers be doing about it? Here are our top ten recommendations to sell better, faster, and smarter. This was originally presented at the Michigan Press Association's 2010 Annual Conference

• The Next Newspaper Ad Sales Model

Discover how newspaper ad sales practices must change in the light of industry realities, and what you can learn, borrow, and steal from Google's successful sales methods.

• How the Big Money Sees Newspaper Advertising

Some of the largest advertisers have serious reservations about newspapers and the process of buying them. This report is based on a joint survey with Newspaper Services of America (NSA), the largest block of newspaper advertising purchasing power in North America.

• Navigating Newspapers to a Brighter Future

The trendlines don't look good, but smarter and better operating and marketing practices can pave the way to a brighter future. This essay provides many recommendations for creating tomorrow’s winning newspaper company.

• Dynamic Discount Alternative to Newspaper Ad Contracts

Dynamic Discount offers a potentially powerful antidote to the downside of conventional newspaper advertising contracts. It borrows from existing ad sales practices, puts them into a simple, systematic and disciplined program, and presents a whole new way to sell. Also see item below.

• Managing the Downside of Newspaper Advertising Contracts

The annual advertising contract is a cornerstone of newspaper ad revenue, but there are significant perils and pitfalls to watch for. This article discusses the downside and offers over a dozen recommendations to improve advertising contract practices. Also see item above.

• The Case for Spending Based Pricing

Lines, inches, impressions, pieces? There is only one thing that brings them all together: dollars. This article discusses the many benefits of spending based pricing for advertising rates and contracts, and how to get the most advantage out of this approach for newspapers already doing so.

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