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KubasPrimedia for Newspapers

Building Ad Revenues and Profits

Publishers, general managers, advertising, marketing and circulation directors, and other newspaper executives and managers rely on KubasPrimedia for professional guidance and practical programs on how to sell and price advertising.


We specialize in:

  • Newspaper advertising rate structures and pricing policies;
  • Revenue source and account performance analysis;
  • Advertising sales program management;
  • Strategic publishing issues.


We help newspaper executives and managers improve revenues, linage, and profitability through advanced advertising sales programs and tactics, designed for portfolio selling and based on continuous spending incentive approaches. See our Services for more information about our special solutions.


Len Kubas, Chairman

Len Kubas, Chair of KubasPrimedia, is an internationally respected newspaper consultant and analyst. He has over 35 years' experience in newspaper marketing management. See Len Kubas' bio here.


From Some of Our Clients ...

"Through the first six months of our new pricing structure, we continue to see double-digit growth in our full-run retail revenue. Our customers have embraced the new program, but more importantly, our Account Executives believe in it, and are not afraid to sell through it.
"Kubas gave us the confidence to move forward with a bold, new approach to our pricing. I don't think we could have pulled this off on our own."

Actual results: change from 2003 to 2005 for retail display:

  • Revenue under contract: +9.6%
  • Average ad size: +16%
  • Number of ads running 2-7 times in a week: +52%

- Chuck Gerardi, V.P. Advertising, Palm Beach Post, Florida (Chuck is now General Manager)

"Retail yield has gone up about 8%. Don't know if anyone there thanked you for your effort and the result, but I would like to do so. Thanks - you and your team were a great help."

- Ron Redfern, Sr. V.P., Freedom Communications Metro Division, Santa Ana, California (Ron is now Publisher/CEO, The Press Enterprise, Riverside, California)

"I believe that your services were well worth the price and you provided us with a lot of opportunities and ideas for improvement. The deliverables you provided were exactly as agreed to in your proposal...a concise, action-oriented to-do list. This is just what we need. Thanks again!"

- Jeff Laderer, Controller, Truth Publishing Co., Elkhart, Indiana

"Have you ever seen Len Kubas in action? I have now used Len twice to introduce new pricing concepts - first at The Dallas Morning News and at The Oklahoman. Wow!!! What a difference he made.
"He helped draw focus to needed change and new thinking. The folks here have gotten excited about what he introduced and have been developing pricing strategies that will make this company a lot of dough. We are in the process of overhauling our rate structure and simplifying the rate card.
"At The Dallas Morning News he is still being used for some projects and certainly valued for what he brought to us there. For what it's worth, I know all of us are needing new ideas. Thought I would share the experience.


- Sergio H. Salinas, Advertising Director, The Daily Oklahoman, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Sergio is now General Manager and Executive V.P., The Express-News, San Antonio, Texas)

"Thank you for your presentation and talk at our recent Northcliffe Advertising Conference. I know that you will have realised that your presentation went down a storm by not only the appreciative reaction you got from audience but also by the number of supportive questions and comments your talk generated.
"However, I feel compelled to tell you for the record what a superb presentation it was - really interesting concepts and ideas delivered in an engaging and entertaining way.
"In particular, we really appreciate the time and effort you put into understanding our products and business - it was evident throughout your presentation that you were well versed in not only the UK market but Northcliffe's specific markets as well. It really made the difference and you connected with everyone.
"You have given Northcliffe some real food for thought and, as you know, as a result of your talk a major initiative is to be launched with your guidance and input.


- Mark Horton, Group Head of Marketing, Northcliffe Newspaper Group, London, England


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